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3 little steps to change your life in few months

Save our tips and start doing NOW not to scold yourself few months later for laziness and lack of motivation and actions. We will share things that really work and can help you to increase your productivity, help you introduce new habits and time management skills. Let’s take a period of 3 months to have enough time to see the difference (we remember that it takes minimum 21 day to introduce a new habit into your daily life, right?).

  1. First of all you need to describe in details where you want to see yourself in 3 months, the more detailed the better. How you would look like, who are your friends, how much you earn, what you wear, what you can do, where you travel, what you eat etc. You even can create a mood board to visualize your future. The more real you can see, the better.
  2. After having a clear vision of where you want to go, we make a list of actions that we need to take to be right there in 3 months. As without your actions your ideal future still will be only on your mood board, not in your real life. And we don’t want it, true? No need to make a huge list, just 10 actions will be enough. It may be drink more water, exercise 30 minutes a day, learn some new skills or language, create a website or whatever.
  3. Start using a habit tracker to control doing your 10 actions on a regular basis. Habit tracker is a calendar, app or even your diary where you mark your progress every time you do a desired step. Marking your progress helps you to keep motivation. We see new marks, feel more confident and happy with ourselves and have more motivation to go further. Our habits are like a building wall and every day keeping track of a new habit we add new block to the wall of our desired life.

Sometimes it is very difficult to build your wall, so special applications can help to pin new useful skills. Today we will also share few great apps that can help you to build your desired future and learn new skills:

  • Habitica

This app is one of the most exiting apps to use while implementing daily habits. Habitica is not a simple calendar or list of habits, it is a REAL GAME where you are a main hero. While you implement new habits and do daily tasks, you upgrade your hero (as in real world, right?). Before you consider it difficult to start doing something new, and now you just play a funny  and exciting game. The most important is to dig inside your hero (you), set up right goal and go conquer the world.

  • HabbitBull

It is one of the most popular apps to track routine tasks and daily habits. You can create desired habit and start working on its implementation. You can use one of existing habits inside the app or create your own. Application is very flexible. You can choose how you measure your progress, connect with other applications to track (for example fitness app to track steps) and even share your progress with other users like in social media.

Let’s start learning new habits together! Please share with us your goals for upcoming months and your favorite apps to track progress.

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