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4 tips to catch “right’ candidate

Last time we divided our potential employees into four types of personalities marked with four different colors: RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW. Methodology that we used is based on DISC personality profiling. DISC is one of the simplest and best profiling methodologies for business as it roots to our everyday typical behavior. The more we work as a team, the more important it becomes to recognize different behavioral styles. All that we can see and deal with is a person’s behavior. So our task as HR managers is to attract those candidates whose behavioral style with match with our vacancy, our team, our corporate company style.

As we discussed in our previous article  people from different personality types will be very different, use absolutely different language, search for absolutely different type of work and we need to write down our job post in a way to attract “right” candidate for our position. Let’s see DOs and Do NOTs in writing our job advert based on four personality types methodology:


RED people are usually very results oriented, active, determined so they will be irritated when our job advert contain:

  • too many details 
  • vague wording
  • informal vocabulary.

They want to see clear and specific 100% business wording style with focus on difficult, ambitious tasks and results not a process.

To attract such candidate to company our package should contain bonuses based on work results and status benefits. In requirements we can also emphasize qualities that we want to see in our candidate as decisive, oriented on quick results, experience in effective leadership (especially in complex tasks), excellent control skills.


GREEN person is usually a soul of the team with its caring, patient, encouraging style. So aggressive and pushy advert will definitely repel such candidate from our company. This type of personality is not about strict deadlines, getting result with any price, unspecified job tasks.

If you are looking for reliable, responsible, diplomatic team player such as green candidate, your job offer should focus on stability of salary payment, reliability of the company, employee care (insurance, training, corporate transport, lunches etc). Green person will only apply to a structured job advert with clear job responsibilities and specific duties written in friendly manner with a little bit humor.


BLUE people are very careful and cautious, they are not creative and don’t want to see creativity in job advert as well. Their structured mindset won’t be recognize fuzzy, confusing job description.

They would prefer company who is reputable and working for long time on the market with only official salary and official employment. With blue candidate you get observing perfectionist, attentive, with analytical mindset who is ready to do routine tasks, develop procedures and processes, work with documents and figures. So advert also must be structured, concrete, in calm colors and better in table. 


YELLOW people are very sociable, talkative, creative, they like to be among people, to motivate and communicate. They will never apply to advert written in dry concise style, with poor design and no info about corporate events and benefits. Job which requires huge amount of routine tasks with regular reporting and stable processes is not for YELLOW people.

If our job opening requires a yellow candidate, we should make accent on challenging, interesting, unusual tasks which require creative approach and independent work. These candidates would want to have job with business trips, corporate events, trainings. Style of job advert should be cheerful, with humor and creativity, youth slang. Pictures, creative fonts, emotional phrases will only add pluses to the advert. As a result you can get the candidate who is creative, communication genius, talented, outstanding, vibrant and proactive.

So now when we have better understanding on how to write our job adverts for different personality types, best way is to apply knowledge to practice. The more you practice, the better job posts you start getting. And finally as a result of your efforts you would start getting “right” candidates to every vacancy you have.

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