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7 career tips for every lost fresh graduate

Starting your career? Here are valuable tips which can help you not to get lost in tons of information and make a smooth transformation from yesterday student to tomorrow employee.

Being a graduate is a very exiting time, but at the same moment real world may seem cruel after graduation. Unemployment is a big concern all over the world, it is a critical issue not only to young professionals, but also to elder generations. Do not worry. Everyone worries about future career, and we have some career advice for you.

Know yourself

First, before starting a job search, sit down and ask yourself some basic questions about your own likes and dislikes, your future goals, your hobbies. Understanding what is important to you may serve you well in your career and during the interview process.

Second, view your first job as a lens to help you better understand your likes and dislikes in work. It’s perfectly normal for you to not know the career for you immediately after graduation. Once you’ve figured out your niche, you can use this knowledge to find a job of your dream.

Be proactive

Take your own career in your own hands. Be active, be responsible for your own career. If you are entering job market and don’t get any offers, try to start from volunteering and internships. You gain some actual experience which is a good future reference in your CV. Employers are afraid of fresh graduates cause they are expected to know anything useful in real work. Include all real work experience, it will help you to show that you are not afraid to work.

Make connections

Needless to say, connections rule the world. Keep close contact with people you meet, they could be the link to get the opportunity you have been waiting for. Just don’t forget that networking does not mean contacting everyone and asking for a job. Networking is about being willing to share, learn, communicate and be useful for others without asking something in return. Find experts in your field and ask how they achieved their success. Having a person you can trust to help you navigate is invaluable.

Choose your boss

Make sure that you are comfortable with and like your boss. First boss matters even more than your first job itself. It is a person who can help you to boost your career and get invaluable experience. Teach you basics about your job and company.

Be ready to work

It may seem basic, but managers who hire recent graduates spend a lot of time teaching them how to be employed. Take the time to learn your role well and ask for more. Don’t be lazy to stay late, come in early, take extra responsibility. Don’t seat and wait for someone to give you a new task. It shows you are excited to be part of the company and grateful for the position.

Be curious

Your education never ends. Be open and ready for this change. Read books, ask your manager and HR managers about courses available in your company, learn as much as you can. Life will give you more opportunities when you are curious.

Don’t give up

It’s okay to fail. Only by trying will you learn, develop and gain experience. Failures help you to improve results, become stronger. Even if you are in trouble, always have a positive look. If you are desperate, you will end up choosing a first offered low paid job, bad boss and poor environment. Even if you have no working experience, you need to be confident in your willingness to lean and develop which is a key asset for fresh graduate.

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  1. Zoe Campos

    Thanks for telling me that I need to understand my goals well before I start looking for a career path that I will pursue. I’m trying to look for some full-time jobs around Toronto but I’m not sure yet if I’m ready to work in a corporate environment. It might be a good idea to take my time and review my resume first before submitting it to my target companies.


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