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Are you introvert or extravert?

Try this amazing Test:  Are You A Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert?

Answer these questions to find out which of these personality types you’re most like!



Are you an extrovert, introvert or ambivert?

During one day you can watch 2 movies, read book, meet with few friends?

When your mobile phone is switched off, you feel lonely and bored?

You are making new friends every day?

You remember faces and situations easier that dates and formulas?

You enjoy fun company and hate being alone?

You are an easy-going person?

Do you like to give speeches and presentations?

When sitting at table, you try to get a place where you can see everyone better?

You always know what’s going on everywhere?

You make contact easily at first meeting with people?

You make decisions quickly

In a difficult situation you can think over everything thoroughly

You have lots of ideas, problems and plans, but you understand that you only can do part of them?

Does it matter for you what impression you make on others?

Can even a very small event affect your important decision?

Can you stay under impression of a film/book for a long time?

You don’t have many friends and it is difficult for you to get along with people you don’t know.

You better remember situation overall than details of it.

You don’t like loud music, laughters and small talks.

You prefer to have little but comfortable clothes

Do you like taking photos?

Do you like buying souvenirs, gold and other jewelry?

Do you like cooking?

You feel better in a big company where you can get lost than in a small one?

It’s difficult for you to adapt to new situation, environment and people.

You strictly uphold your principles.

You weight pros and cons for a long time before making any decision?

Sometimes people say that you see the world different way, but you don’t believe, do you?

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