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Why do I get “WRONG” applicants?

Why do I always get wrong candidates?

It is a very common question that almost every recruiter once asked during his career. Did you ever appeared yourself in the situation? You have tons of CVs, applicants are writing to you, call you, but all of them are 100% not your candidates for the position you have. So finally, desperate to find right candidate, you choose any (just to close position), however knowing that he is not right personality for your position.

Will we surprise you by saying that it is purely our mistake?

Wrong candidates come because we (recruiters, HR managers, hiring managers) manage to create the prerequisites for this to happen. One of such mistakes may be incorrect positioning of the vacancy.

Positioning of the vacancy starts from creating psychology portrait of the best candidate that suits your job. Only knowing from the very beginning WHO is your PERFECT EMPLOYEE, you can create proper wording for job advertisement. And that is the second step in your vacancy positioning. What  job post you give, such candidates you get.

Just imagine if a government authority who is looking for office manager gives advert: We are looking for a superstar who is ready to rock in our super cool team. Question – what kind of personalities will be attracted by such wording? Will you be able to find serious organized person who can remember million of details and talk in a proper way in government fields?

Every job post has its own target audience, same as in real marketing. If we hit our target audience, we get proper candidates. Otherwise we are trying to sell healthy food to McDonald’s lovers.

It sounds quiet understandable so why so often we miss to be heard by right candidates?

Reasons may be:

  • stereotyped and too standard description,
  • bad style and typo mistakes,
  • false (or even fake) description of duties,
  • inaccurate candidate requirements,
  • wrong accents in benefits etc.

Therefore to avoid meeting wrong candidates we should properly announce our vacancy to reach our target audience. Every target audience has its own psychology type and our advert should be catchy for people with exact style. This is very easy if you know basics of any of personality methodology (like DISC or MBTI).

In our next article we will stop on each of personality types and describe 4 practical tips for every personality type. Stay tuned and follow us for faster updates!


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