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Career coaching

Are you happy with your current job?

If yes, then congratulations, you are in the top 10% of happiest people in the world.

If not, don’t worry, 90% of the employees on this planet are feeling the same way.


Most people who do not feel happy and satisfied at work often encounter one or even several of the following problems:

  • Loss of balance between work and life
  • Just graduated and do not have a specific career direction yet
  • Returning to work after a long break and not being able to fit in like when started
  • Returning home after living and working in another country
  • Working for a long time in a position with no change in salary or promotion
  • Spent a lot of time looking for a job but failed
  • Own a business or start up but it doesn’t work

If you find yourself in one of these situations, cheer up, because you’ve come to the right place! It is here where you will receive a career breakthrough: unlock your potential and find the answers within yourself, identify the best paths for you and become happier at the workplace.


TopJob Vietnam’s career coaching will lead you through making decisions to change work or set up your own career path by asking important questions you never ask yourself. You will have a safe and friendly environment where you can talk openly and comfortably about your plans, feelings, get to know yourself and better career goals for the future.


  • Identify the factors that prevent or restrain your career growth
  • Identify which areas, professions or jobs are right for you and make you happier
  • Set goals and create a plan for the work you want
  • Guide to foster and develop personal strengths and competencies
  • Push you towards growth and transformation
  • Build your beliefs, outlook, and sense of responsibility for your career


Career coaching will help you see clearly the values, strengths and desires within yourself. Our Coaches have expertise and experience to assist you in opening your mind and getting to the bottom of your problems through the right question asked at the right time, helping you to determine what needs to be done now to achieve the success you dream of in the future.


“You are not competing with anyone else. You just compete with yourself to be the best with whatever you get.” – L. Tom Perry.


You will have a completely private 1 hour one to one video or face to face meeting with our internationally Certified Coach. The session will be held in English.


Some topics that can be discussed in Career coaching:

  • Work experience and education
  • Current job status
  • Special situations can affect your psyche
  • Hobbies and career dreams
  • Things that make you feel difficult or tired

Or anything you want to share or seek advice to improve your career



  1. Register for coaching with TopJob Vietnam
  2. Give us some information like: your CV, linkedIn
  3. Schedule a coaching session
  4. Participate in coaching to better understand yourself and find the right answers for your ideal career path with our excellent coaches.


Contact TopJob Vietnam team for advice and more information, or register for Career Coaching NOW!

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