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Cover Letter

You are required to send a cover letter but:

– Don’t have enough time to draft a proper and professional document.

– Don’t have any idea about the cover letter so don’t know where to start.

Do you know:

Here are the most common mistakes candidates make when writing cover letters:

– Use generic words and templates – copy-paste from Google.

– Simply repeat everything described in the CV

– Write only about themselves, not the company they apply to

– Do not write any

If you are feeling confused in preparing a Cover Letter to potential employers, let TopJob Vietnam help you!

TopJob’s elite Professionals team has experience in more than 50 industries/ occupations, allowing us to help you prepare an excellent Cover letter in no time to easily apply to your dream company! Each cover letter will be customized for a specific job you designate, and you won’t take any effort to come up with a “genuine” cover letter with 100% satisfaction.



  •         Has excellent structure and grammar
  •         Capture the tastes of potential employers and make an effective impression
  •         Have carefully selected and optimized content, showing your own professionalism and level
  •         Completed right away in just one day


The whole workflow consists of just 4 simple steps:

– Join a consultation call with one of our professional Cover Letter Specialists

– Received the first draft of the cover letter after two working days

– TopJob team will support you to add and edit cover letter up to two times

– Receive your completed Cover Letter 


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