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Cover letter: a must for successful candidate

Most of candidates doesn’t see any reason to write cover letter at all. They already have CV, for what do they need cover letter? But in realty good cover letter explains why you are better than other candidates to find out more about you. It is ideal instrument for young specialists without significant work experience to show yourself. Here are some tips which may help you to write successful cover letter:

Clearly introduce yourself

First paragraph is the best opportunity for you to show who you are, why you are interested in the company and how you find information about open position. If you have any connections with the company you are applying, it is the right place to mention about them.

Talk about your skills

When you have almost no working experience, most of candidates don’t know how to highlight their limited work experience and class experience. You need to explain why you are qualified enough for the position using the experience that you have right now. If you are applying for marketing position, it is important to show activities in which you needed to use your communication and writing skills, be creative. With real-life examples, not only saying that you have some qualities. As we discussed in other articles, for most of employers want to hire potential, motivated and ready to learn candidates and prefer these qualities more than working experience.

Don’t copy

There are millions of websites with samples of cover letters where you can just copy the text and change it to your name. But please don’t do it. All these samples look absolutely the same and will only show potential employer that you know how to use google and nothing else. Your cover letter should be unique and personal, it must show you as personality and professional even with almost no working experience. Moreover it should be different for each company and job you are applying. Only in this case it will be effective and successful.

Practice more and don’t give up. Even if your first cover letters will look strange for you, the more you try – the better you do. And always remember: Just because you don’t have experience doesn’t mean you can’t write a successful cover letter.

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