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Getting out of deadlock with “why” technique

Sometimes all of us have the feeling that we are going circles. One problem is leading to another and we don’t know how to break it. Looks like we are going through the minefield. One wrong step and we are dead.

Today we will discuss 3 main spheres in our life which are deeply connected and while we have problems in one of them, it will ruin the whole life with domino effect. As you might guess these are TIME – MONEY – BUSINESS (WORK).


Cannot organize yourself? Start tasks and leave them on the middle? As a results you break deadlines and show bad results which definitely leads to lower income or even total loose of income. So actually affects MONEY. And if you are a business owner, poor time management skills have double effect: the whole business suffers because of your bad planning.


When you lack of money you start spending huge amount of TIME to earn money, and your personal life starts to suffer. You don’t have TIME to relax, to see your family and friends, to self-educate. It would all finally lead to decrease your productivity. Which leads to the fact that your BUSINESS will suffer, as lack of investments as well as productivity leads to stagnation .


With difficulties at work or business the first that suffer is income level – MONEY. To make it work you should invest more TIME sacrificing in your spare or family time. Work-life balance is broken.

Familiar situation? Or maybe you face it right now? Think over what leads you down right now. Is it lack of time? Or not enough money? Or work problems?

To find out what initially drives you back you can use a “why” technique which will help you to go deep inside your fears and blocks. The only thing you need to make sure is that you are totally honest with yourself.  To practice this technique you need to write down the list of things that go wrong in your life, that don’t match with your preferences. And start asking yourself the same question “Why it happens?”. So step by step you will go down to indicate initial problem.

Let’s see how it works on example.

Example (I’m business owner):

  • I spend little time with my kids.
  • Why?
  • Because I work all the time, cannot stop checking everything.
  • Why?
  • Because all the tasks are tied to me.
  • Why?
  • Because I don’t delegate.
  • Why?
  • Because I’m afraid.

So we find out that the initial problem lies in our fear to delegate tasks. Evidentially it blocks development of the company and tends to problems in other spheres of life. While the main problem is identified, the main enemy known, we can start working with it to start building our life back.

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