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How to make remote work really work?

Just few years ago remote work sounded quiet unusual. We got used to the order: work means office. But this year turned everything upside down. Actually recently with increasing of internet and gadgets usage, with increased popularity of social media popularity of remote professions is increasing as well. But this year during lockdown periods even “office professions” had to move to remote. So most of us had a chance to taste “remote working” style. Some of us liked it, some waited for return to office as a release and decided that remote work Is not for them. Today we will discuss how to make remote work “work” for you.

We won’t open America if we say that main thing in remote work is self-organization. Sounds easy? Just try to implement. Otherwise there would always be something that disturbs you: hungry cat, new chat from a friend, new photos of your fav star in IG, new series of your adored movie… How to work in such conditions?

First of all you need a good organized working place at home. With nice chair, working table, good light. It can be quiet coffee shop (quiet is a main condition here), co-working space if you cannot make such place at home. But it should be a place where you would only work.

Second is also obvious but important. It is daily regime. When you have time during the day when you work. And do nothing else. It may be few time periods a day such as from 8am to 13pm and from 15pm to 17pm or other periods which suit your productive hours and your working conditions. It Is in your concern to finish your work ASAP to have some spare time for movie, chats, sports and your cat.

Third is a target. Yes-yes, when you have your personal target which can be achieved through work, your productivity goes up. So that bonuses, salary etc. Just make up your mind on what you want to have in a year and get immediate bonus of increased motivation. +100% to productivity is secured.

Last but not least: no distractions on chats, messengers, emails. Better set up some limit, timing in which you check your mailbox and chats. Let’s say 20 minutes after every 1 hour work. You shouldn’t immediately answer all the chats (especially your friends or family chats) when you have important things to do. Nothing would happen if you decide where to have dinner half-hour later, but a lot will happen to your productivity.

Generally there is a big difference on whether you are busy or effective. And it works equally both when you are a remote or a full-time office employee. When you start being effective instead of being busy and showing being busy at work, you would have much more time for your education, self-study, hobbies and for sure work.

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