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Job Title: Admissions & Counselling supervisor Type: Full Time


The Admission & Counselling Supervisor is held accountable for guiding and assisting counsellors (and students) throughout the consultancy, admissions and visa application process, which comprise standardizing and maintaining the counselling quality and process, and providing guidance for counsellors with admissions and visa applications of clients.


1. Training & Supervision

Main responsibilities:

In cooperation with branch head to develop and optimize the student counselling, admissions and visa applications process, based on destinations, visa policies, utilizing the platforms of global

Based on the standardized process, along with personal proper knowledge and experiences about destinations, institution, admissions and visa application, providing training, guidance and supervision/ assists to other counsellors during their works in with clients to secure service quality and attain high conversion rate

Continually enhance knowledge base on products and services process Support branch head in developing the products, services for the branch and company Performances measurement: Comments from the counsellors In-direct commendation/ complaint from students Efficiency in work-flow Accuracy of the knowledge on admissions and visa application Effectiveness of the training and processes reflected on the deadlines for processes met, general conversion rate, and successful visa application rate of the branch

2. Student Counselling

Main responsibilities:

Efficiently providing students with accurate information and expert advice on overseas study based on an extensive knowledge of the UK and Australian education systems. Providing accurate visa information, assistance and processing.

Follow-up leads and contacts of all prospective students Performance measures: Commendation and/or complaint from students. Timely updates of Client Management System tasks. Deadlines for processes met Number of student conversions.

3. Institution Application

Main responsibilities:

Verifying documents if complete and valid.

Advise and assist students on making applications for study at preferred destination/s.

Submitting of application form (either paper or online) and all required supporting documents to institutions. Other additional services relevant to student’s application. Performance measures: Accuracy of knowledge of basic information on student application process and requirements. Deadlines for processes met.

4. Visa Application

Main responsibilities:

Receiving documents required for visa application.

Advise and assist students on making various visa applications for Australian


Give accurate information about visa application processes and requirements. Performance measures: Accuracy of knowledge of basic information on visa application process and requirements. Deadlines for processes met.

5. CRM, Events and Marketing support

Support events and marketing activities, CRM system adoption



The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas: Customer service standard practice and etiquettes Accumulate knowledge about relevant policies and procedures on international student recruitment and visa application

Have understanding of international education, cultural and political environment of countries where institution clients exist Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the USA Microsoft Office applications

Vital Skill sets:

Supervisory skills

Co-operation skill

Analytical and problem solving skills decision making Effective verbal & listening communications Time management Effective written and verbal communications

Stress management Computer skills (including the ability to create and edit PowerPoint, Excel and word processing programs at a highly proficient level)

Essential Attributes:

Dedicated Detail-oriented Proactive Willing-to-do attitude

Note: Applicant must have at least 05 year knowledge about overseas study, student placement and ability to work under pressure, outstanding experiences and performance history in student recruitment for international institutions

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