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Loosing concentration? Few actions to help you keeping focus

In our time of change, technological progress and numerous amount of gadgets it is so easy to get distracted while doing something and so difficult to get back concentrated. Technological stuff in some ways improves our lives a lot by bringing new knowledge, new possibilities, new doors, but at the same time prevents us from moving forward while we are wasting time on useless sitting in gadgets, chats, movies, internet browsing. When you cannot concentrate, you don’t think clearly, focus on a task, or maintain your attention. So finally it takes you much longer than expected to perform even simple task. Your overall performance is affected if you cannot focus.

Sometimes lack of concentration may have medical reason. It may be result of some chronicle condition, taking some drugs or lifestyle. When you don’t have enough sleep, eat unhealthy food, not exercise, don’t spend enough time outside, worry too much etc. But in most cases we cannot focus just because so many things going around that we cannot get them out of our head and vision. So what can we do to get immediate results?

First of all there are many breathe technics which may help you to oxygen your brains quickly and help you concentrate. One of the most powerful and simple technics described by worldwide famous expert and renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork Dan Brulé. According to Brulé, taking six breaths per minute is highly therapeutic and quickly helps to clear your mind and restore focus. To practice it when you feel non-concentrated you need to spend just one minute in a very simple exercising: inhale to a count of 5 seconds, and exhale to a count of 5 seconds (which is: In – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; out, – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and repeat it within period of 1 minute. Just repeat it every time when you feel disturbed.

Another methods that can be used are related to technological progress. You can get technology back on your side with some helpful concentration applications that help you focus, block out distractions and get back to work. Most of applications work same way: you set a desired time in which you don’t want to be distracted, start countdown timer built-in app and start working. During this time you won’t get any phone notification, any beep-beep and banners so nothing distracts you from work. If you don’t break the timer, you get some bonus (different bonuses in different apps). If you break, you don’t get bonus and may even get some kind of penalty. So the main idea to stop flow of distraction and add a little bit gasification in the process. Our suggestion is to start from not big amounts to train yourselves and get used to focused work. And one more helpful tip – try to set some realistic goal for desired amount of time. So at the end you can get double satisfaction – from the app and from the work done.

  1. Plantie

This is a very simple but powerful app. No registration needed, you just download it, set timer and start doing you task. If you succeeded some new features will be added to your tree and you earn bonus points as well. You can choose a tree by yourself. Task will be disrupted if switching to other apps or returning to home screen.

  1. Pomodoro or any analogues

This application and all analogue apps are built on the Pomodoro Technique developed in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a pomodoro. The pomodoro technique is very effective as it keeps you fresh by taking breaks after each session. You just choose any app that you like and enjoy.

  1. Forest

This application is not free, but we cannot skip it. With a small price you not only get powerful app to control periods of concentration, but also help to save our planet. In this app you can grow your own forest while remaining productive. You can set the time you need for work, during this period you cannot use the phone, otherwise your tree will die. If you successfully overcome the desire to check social networks, a tree will grow, and you will also get coins. For coins, you can buy new types of trees, background sounds and music, and even PLANT A REAL TREE. Moreover you can plant a forest with your friends and share your progress. Isn’t it cool?

And one more life hack which is absolutely free and easy – just switch your phone into a flight mode when you need time to work. And nothing will distract you!

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