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Mock Interview

mock interview

Mock Interview




Job Interview Coaching Services

  • You worry too much before the interview and need to overcome stress?
  • You had a long break without any interviews and need to practice before going real?
  • Your first interview is coming and you have no idea what it is?
  • You want to move to the next level, take a managerial position, or change the industry, but still not succeed?


Join a Mock interview with TopJob experts to take the lead in all real interviews and be at the top of your game 

The 1 hour-mock interview between you and a TopJob expert will be completely private, helping you know how to deal with anxiety, relieve stress, and practice comfort and confidence when talking to potential employers.

What do you get after the interview?

  • Overcome fear and face it with confidence

Practice face-to-face with the essentials of a professional interview: personal and work experience questions and salary negotiations, helping you conquer fear and feel more confident than ever.

  • Build high-quality conversation

Work with experts to find hidden weaknesses, promote personal strengths and shine as a valuable candidate.

  • Adjusting standard behavior

Get honest responses to your answers and body language, and expert tips and advice personalized just for you

  • Make impressions and show the difference

Provided with suggestions to create “Elevator pitch” – a personal ad that conquers recruiters in 20 seconds.

  • Opportunity to review and evaluate yourself

Watch the video of the entire interview to self-assess, learn, and improve yourself to prepare for your actual interview.


  • Send us your latest CV and job description for which you would like to apply
  • Schedule an interview 
  • Participate in a professional 1 hour-mock interview with TopJob Vietnam’s top HR experts
  • Get a video of your interview


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