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Can you become real estate agent?

Many of you still hesitating what profession to choose.

We made this fun Test: Can you work as real estate agent?

Pass this test and learn the truth.


«Can you work as real estate agent??»

1 / 10

Do you have many connections?

2 / 10

Do you like talking over the phone?

3 / 10

What do you think about self-education at work?

4 / 10

Do you know well city where you live?

5 / 10

Are you always on time?

6 / 10

You have a long trip ahead. How will you spend time?

7 / 10

What is real estate agent for you?

8 / 10

If client calls you on weekends and want to see apartment, what will you do?

9 / 10

You are checking apartment the first time. What will you ask landlord?

10 / 10

What real estate agent needs in the beginning of career?

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