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Steps to pass interview for fresh graduate

An interview is a common and inevitable step to get a job. So even if you don’t know how to pass it or don’t want, you have no chance to escape. Want to get a job, must know how to pass an interview. Preparation means a lot, it will help avoid many mistakes. Most of fresh graduates don’t prepare a lot thinking that they have nothing to prepare and they fail. In this article we will share some tips how to pass successfully your first interview.

Know your company

Show your seriousness and interest in future company by getting background knowledge about company you do interview with. If you know where you are and why you want to join exact company your chances of success will greatly increase. You should know main profile of company, main services, values. It will be totally unprofessional even for fresh graduate to know nothing about the company you want to join.

Prepare to answer common questions

On every single interview you will be asked quiet standard questions about your education and reasons of future profession choice, about your experience, your personal qualities and aims in life. You should think over in advance and prepare potential answers to these questions. Preparation will help you to find best words to describe yourself, not to make answer too long cause talking a lot doesn’t mean making good impression.  While preparing answers don’t oversell yourself. You need to be positive and enthusiastic during the interview, but not exaggerate your skills – you’ll need to prove them if you are taken.

Prepare your own questions

This point have a lot in common with the first one – you need to know where you come and for what you come. Nothing but questions about company and future role will show your motivation and interest in exact position and will show that you care where to work. For sure your questions should be reasonable and adequate, not like: “What company is doing?”. Better ask about your future perspectives with the company. Remember: Employers like potential candidates who care about growth.

Dress properly

Don’t forget about your appearance and dress properly. You outfit should match with the business and position you are applying for. If possible, try to research about dress code in exact company and dress accordingly. Don’t overdress: it is interview, not student party or a bal.

Be in time

This point doesn’t need to be commented. Being late for the interview is 70% of failure. Sure everything happens in life, but try to avoid such situations. Even if you unexpectedly late, informing a person you are going to meet is a must.

Stay positive

It is absolutely normal if something goes wrong during the interview, if you don’t know how to answer some questions, just stay positive and confident. The worst thing that may happen to you is that you won’t get that job. And this is not the worst thing in your life, isn’t it?

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