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Unblock your energy for better productivity

Nowadays speed of life, speed of changes, amount of events greatly increased compared to few decades ago. Most of time you feel that if you miss just one day, you will be left on the sidelines of life. You start running in a wheel going faster and faster without any possibility to stop. And you got yourself totally lost in your targets, not remembering from where you started and where you are going. It is a man world with man rules which became reality of many women. We are occupying man positions and trying to act same as man forgetting about our destiny.

In these hard times time management skills becoming more and more important if we want to live full balanced life. And we should remember that time management skills for man and woman will be different same as we are. Women are more soft and flexible, more emotional, have more spheres in life where we want to succeed so techniques about “reaching the target with any price”, “die but do”, “eat the frog”, strict deadlines are not suitable for us. We usually think that there is nothing difficult – just do a plan and work, but for women it doesn’t work if we don’t have enough energy.  Looks simple: if we have energy, we act. If we have energy inside, it is absolutely impossible not to bring our plan to reality.

So what blocks level of energy inside us? Blocks in our mind and body caused by:

  • Fear
  • Shame
  • Rejection of yourself or something in yourself
  • Blocked emotions such as anger, delight or other
  • Resentment
  • Hyper control
  • Lack of trust.

With one of these blocks it is impossible for energy to flow in your body which finally results in our productivity. So before we start making a plan we should make sure that all our blocks are recognized and beaten. Today we will share with you one technique which can help to release your energy, make you stronger and more productive.

To do this exercise you should get into quiet place where no one can see or bother you, take the most relaxing pose for you, close your eyes, take a deep breath and focus on the moment:

  • Start “watching the movie” about your life from today till childhood
  • Don’t jump from one memory to another, live through every moment
  • Monitor your emotions and feelings to catch which memory causes negative feelings

Once your block is recognized you can start working with it immediately through your body with changing tension and relaxation:

  • Start to compress and relax one fist, then the other, then both.
  • Add one leg, then the other.
  • Compress both fists and both legs at the same time, then relax them.
  • At the same moment keep thinking about situation which caused negative feelings. Try to switch to positive thinking about this situation.
  • If you want to speak – speak, if you want to shout – shout!
  • Finish your practice with complete relaxation and a feeling of positive emotions.
  • Take a deep breathe and open your eyes.

It is important to work out the traumatic situation to the end, that is why you should choose place where no one can distract and interrupt the process. Work with one situation in one session, all your blocks one by one. For strong blocks you may need help of a specialist. But as a result you would feel that your energy is free, flowing inside your body and you become super productive.

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