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Why your plan is still just a plan?

These days everyone understands importance of time-management skills. Many books are written, many techniques discovered. Everyone now understands the importance of planning tasks, events, life, but very few people know how to bring their plan to reality. There are few main mistakes, but today we will talk about one of them.

Main mistake of a plan that is never implemented is making a LONG LINEAR LIST of tasks to do for a day.

LONG LISTS of tasks always demotivate you. Especially when you have low level of energy.

Let’s imagine a situation: You woke up early. Had bad sleep. Open you plan for the day. See list of 20-30 tasks to do. Immediately feel exhausted and close your plan.

In order to avoid such situation better to divide all your tasks into categories making small lists of few tasks in one category. So finally you have few mini blocks of tasks every day. You can choose any categories that suit you based on your life style such as:

  • Personal tasks, work tasks, family tasks, business tasks
  • Tasks to do on laptop, phone, documents
  • Morning tasks, day tasks, evening tasks
  • Creative, routine, research tasks
  • And million of other division which suit you best.

Your main target is to see only ONE mini block of tasks based on you current situation. For example, at work you see only work tasks and at home you see only personal tasks. So your brain is not overloaded with information, you don’t feel scared of amount of things to do during a day and focus easier to start doing.

There are many applications which allow you to do flexible planning and hide blocks that you currently don’t need. We suggest to try one of following free applications to start with:

  1. Tick Tick

Very convenient application which allows to sort and filter tasks, create priority with minimalistic design and possibility to synchronize with calendars.

  1. MyLifeOrganized

Very flexible planner. You can set almost everything based on your needs (context, date, reminder, type of task and many others).

  1. Remember the milk

Free version is a bit limited, but still contain all important options such as prioritizing, tags, smart lists. But not as user friendly as first two.

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