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How to write CV for your first job

Writing a CV is quiet a challenge for everybody. What can we tell about fresh graduates who have nothing but education to write about. First step to get a great job is to write a great CV. Feel frustrated? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

First good point is to remember that not all employers are searching for working experience. A big part of them are looking for motivation, potential and fresh mind. And this is what you have tons of.

Make it short and interesting

It is perfectly acceptable for a fresh graduate to have one page CV. Even for experienced candidates two pages is enough. No one wants to read long essay. Try to avoid standard phrases and words, you need to make your CV unique and personal. Everyone is “effective” and “motivated” in CV, try to look different from other candidates.

Remember about structure

Divide your CV into clear sections with Personal Information, Career Objective, Education, Work Experience, Skills and Knowledge, References and Other Information. It will make your CV look professional and easy to read. For you as well it will help to fill in actual content in every section. Use bullet points and numbering to structurize information inside sections.

Watch your language

CV is a professional document and it must look professional from every point. Use only official fonts, don’t use too much bold or other formatted text. Your CV should be written in clear language and grammatically correct and with words showing that you are positive candidate applying for right place.

Be easy to connect with

Always include your contact details to be easy to get in touch. Potential employers are getting millions of CV and if they cannot find contact number, you lost that job. It is also a good idea to give links to your social media accounts or messengers. The easier to find you, the easier to get invited to interview.


Don’t try to include everything you can into your CV. It will make it long to read and show you as desperate or unorganized person and no one wants to have such employee in the company. Don’t write about your pets and family history. Write about your hobby and mention what skills you demonstrated there.

Work experience

For fresh graduates this section presents a biggest difficulty as work experience is likely to be limited. If you have any work experience, put it in chronological order from latest ending with your first job. Include all your working experience even if you worked only week or two. Just be prepared to answer the question why you quit so fast. You can also include internships and voluntary work. Be sure to include start and end dates, company name and job title. No need to indicate reasons why you left or salary. For each company write few bullet points about your duties and responsibilities, mention about your main achievements.

And last but no least: When writing a CV, don’t think that it is a way to get a job. Think that a good CV is a way to get invitation to the interview.

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